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fashion illustration
paint pallete


Director: Em Cooper Producer: Sue Loughlin, Film Club Productions Oil paint animation; I animated and artworked all four ...

Drinkaware #GropeFreeNights

Director: Alon Ziv Producer: Milana Karaica , Th1ng Productions After effect & Computer drawn animation; I animated and ...

Dear Kim Still

Dear Kim

Directer: Ash Defoe I animated and designed all characters. 'Dear Kim' tells the story of a young woman ready to let ...

burtsbees_beford night

Burt’s Bees – Instagram spots – ‘Lip Tips’ from Katey Denno

Grape Exfoliation Lips Need Sleep Two Colours Are Better Than One Producer: Sue Loughlin, Film Club Productions Watercolour & stop motion animation; I designed and animated in ...

French: salut , English: hi


Last year I created more than 200 illustrations for a few language courses (French, Spanish & German) by Memrise. They are to help people to memorise and learn new languages in the easiest way. To see all of my illustrations please visit my Memrise ...

Animated GIF & greeting card

Cosmopolitan Snapchat animation 🍕🍕🍕#pizza #animation #wednesday #fashion #illustration #hobby pic.twitter.com/dlnvEHIJ9L— Sharon Liu (@sharonsharonliu) January 11, 2017 Summer in London Underground... 💨#summer #wind #london #TFL #underground #animation #illustration #video ...

CRCC – Tips to prevent rape

Want to know the only fool proof way to prevent rape?... A short animation commission I did for the CRCC (Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre) to celebrate International Women's Day and Women's History Month. Produced by: CRCC Directed by: Sharon Liu Sound design by: David ...