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fashion illustration
paint pallete


Director: Em Cooper Producer: Sue Loughlin, Film Club Productions Oil paint animation; I animated and artworked all four ...

Drinkaware #GropeFreeNights

Director: Alon Ziv Producer: Milana Karaica , Th1ng Productions After effect & Computer drawn animation; I animated and ...

Dear Kim Still

Dear Kim

Directer: Ash Defoe I animated and designed all characters. 'Dear Kim' tells the story of a young woman ready to let ...

burtsbees_beford night

Burt’s Bees – Instagram spots – ‘Lip Tips’ from Katey Denno

Grape Exfoliation Lips Need Sleep Two Colours Are Better Than One Director: Hayley Morris Producer: Sue Loughlin, Film Club Productions Watercolour & stop motion animation; I animated and artworked all 2D hand drawn ...

French: salut , English: hi


Last year I created more than 200 illustrations for a few language courses (French, Spanish & German) by Memrise. They are to help people to memorise and learn new languages in the easiest way. To see all of my illustrations please visit my Memrise ...

smoking can age your skin 5

British Library x Arts Thread Health Propaganda Competition

This is my attempt for British Library propaganda competition. Smoking can age your

CRCC – Tips to prevent rape

Want to know the only fool proof way to prevent rape?... A short animation commission I did for the CRCC (Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre) to celebrate International Women's Day and Women's History Month. Produced by: CRCC Directed by: Sharon Liu Sound design by: David ...