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Animated greeting cards

Two E- cards homemade with love

French: salut , English: hi


Last year I created more than 200 illustrations for a few language courses (French, Spanish & German) by Memrise. They are to help ...

smoking can age your skin 5

British Library x Arts Thread Health Propaganda Competition

This is my attempt for British Library propaganda competition. Smoking can age your

The animator who sells matches

A teeny weeny animation I made in my spare time

Sharon Liu’s website trailer

This is a little animation I made for my website

animade friday4

Friday Fun Handssolo Competition

A simple drawing game created by Animade that I participated. Instruction: 1. Print the hands drawing they provided 2. Complete the picture 3. Join the competition [su_custom_gallery source="media: 152,153,154,155,156" link="lightbox" width="116" ...

gummy feature image

Yummy Gummy

Four packaging designs for Yummy Gummy