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fashion illustration

ChildLine and BAFTA Kids’ Vote ‘Losing The Plot’

Director: Yui Hamagashira Producer: Sue Loughlin, Film Club Productions Hand drawn & After Effects animation; I artworked the ...

Dryathlon – Cancer Research UK

Director: Dave Anderson Producer: Lydia Russell , Th1ng Productions After effect animation; I animated the 'Rocker' 'Puffin' 'Footballer hug' 'Economic crash' and some other shorter ...


Within Within

  Synopsis: ‘There are many things we cannot choose in life, no one can choose their parents. You have to learn to love them before knowing them.’ My graduation film (2011) is about my personal feelings to Hong Kong and its complicated relationship with China. It expresses what I ...

A bit and every bit

My first year film, created at the Royal College of Art in 2010. Synopsis A reflection on the relationship between the filmmaker's mother and Alzheimer-suffering grandmother. ‘Mom, it’s me. How are you today?’ ..... ‘How are you today? Can you hear me? Can you hear me? ...

Nolde’s Sky

My third year film, created at the University of the Creative Arts (Farnham) 2009. Synopsis: ‘And I admired the majestic heavens, spread out above me from here to there. Oh, the exchange of the spiritual with the simple – natural, how I enjoyed this. But often the whole of nature was ...

Sharon Liu’s website trailer

This is a little animation I made for my website

Moving Paint

Below is a selection of my experimental animation tests